Barton Felch Farms

"You can't beat our happy meat!"


Barton Felch Farms is situated on 97 acres in Springdale, WA. We are on a year round creek completely fenced and cross fenced. Half is pasture, and the other half is forestland,  a little marsh and meadow.  Here is a view of one of the front upper pastures :)


We kicked off our lambing and kidding season Dec 2013, and will be continuing to expect goat babies thru March. So far it looks like it's going to be a good season for us, kids and lambs have hit the ground healthy. Keep an eye on our PLBG Kids page for pictures of the new babies, and for the most up to the minute announcements, check out the birth announcement blogs on the news page. We have some exciting new genetics and a few more wins under our belt this year. We'll be hitting the ABGA shows as we are able, starting in April.


We have a lot of new projects in the works..., Boer goats, orchard, garden, berries, sheep, bunnies, Muscovy ducks, African geese, and so much more! Please check out our mission statement below, so you can understand a little more about why we do what we do!

Our Mission

We believe we have a basic human right to grow/acquire food of our choosing. We believe all people have the basic human right to do the same. We will continue to fight to live by these inalienable rights that are quickly being lost all over our country, and world.... We've decided that the best course of action for us, is to live the life we feel is right, and ours, by natural law and the laws and freedoms granted to us by our constitution. Our government needs to be held accountable for upholding our rights and freedoms, but that notion has long since passed. "For the benefit of the people" seems to have taken a back seat to the benefit of the global economy/community/corporation. 

We firmly believe in the values of raising animals and growing foods in a responsible, sustainable, practical manner. EVERY critter here gets individual attention....even the ones destined for the table. We practice preventive care to minimize disease, and use herbal wormer and supplements whenever practical. Quality feed, attentive care, and mental stimulation are key to the health and welfare of our stock.  Each animal  is a valued part of our farm, we enjoy their company and their contributions, and all are treated with respect.

Eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables,'s all so much better when it's cared for. Our hope is to share our farm with others who are interested in supporting local agriculture, humane treatment of animals, and appreciate the finest farm fresh meats, dairy products, and produce. Give us a call, or send us an email and see what we have to share with you :)

Barton Felch Farms is a joint venture between myself and my wonderful partner and best friend Bret. He, myself, and my  youngest child live here at the farm. Everyone works and strives to make this a successful little endeavor  we can be proud of. The kids are active 4-H members, and are our main workforce here. I'm so happy that I am able to share the dying art of practical living with them! We've learned most of what we know as a family. Animal care, management practices and social health of the herds is truly a group effort and I value the kid's opinions.

ABGA Registered Boer Goats

My daughter, aka Painted Lady Boer Goats has put together a nice collection of purebred, fullblood, percentage, and commercial does. We've participated at the Spokane Interstate Fair 3 years running now, and won a few blue ribbons both times, as well as a premier breeder and exhibitor banner for our commercial herd. She has some excellent does, and a definite breeding program in mind. Look for us at ABGA sanctioned shows and area fairs starting spring 2015.